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Rosewill RGB fan hub

Level 7
I have a x570-E with a Rosewill ATX Mid Tower Gaming PC Computer Case, the CULLINAN V500 RGB. It comes with a preinstalled rosewill fan hub and a switch on the front to control fan speeds.
My conundrum is how can I connect to fan hub to the motherboard for aura sync to function.
Downloading the fan hub manual indicates that I should be able to plug in a micro 3 pin female to a port on the hub and voila. But the rgb cable that comes with the board is a male and larger, also the speed switch on the front is plugged in that port. The hub also has two open led ports that are micro 4-pin male plugs.
Curious if anyone here has encountered this issue and has any idea. I can't seem to find any cable resembling that which they advertise with their fan hub package. Or any that I think would work, And my only idea is to wire the two cables in to the same plug and hope everything goes according plan.. good or bad idea?

Level 7
Different questions.
How can I connect the motherboard to the hub to address the individual fans? A 4 pin fan header? I dont think a rgb header will give me the option of fan speed. Yeah the leds will show on arua but the fan speed??
Rosewill technical support is offering me a fan hub package to upgrade or use the parts I need and send it back. But still unsure of how to address the issue. Any ideas?

I'm having the exact same issue.. Did you come up with a workaround?

After a few messages to both rosewill and asus.

Quit while your ahead. This companys fans and case are incompatable.