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Rosewill RGB fan hub

Level 8
I have a x570-E with a Rosewill ATX Mid Tower Gaming PC Computer Case, the CULLINAN V500 RGB. It comes with a preinstalled rosewill fan hub and a switch on the front to control fan speeds.
My conundrum is how can I connect to fan hub to the motherboard for aura sync to function.
Downloading the fan hub manual indicates that I should be able to plug in a micro 3 pin female to a port on the hub and voila. But the rgb cable that comes with the board is a male and larger, also the speed switch on the front is plugged in that port. The hub also has two open led ports that are micro 4-pin male plugs.
Curious if anyone here has encountered this issue and has any idea. I can't seem to find any cable resembling that which they advertise with their fan hub package. Or any that I think would work, And my only idea is to wire the two cables in to the same plug and hope everything goes according plan.. good or bad idea?

Level 8
Different questions.
How can I connect the motherboard to the hub to address the individual fans? A 4 pin fan header? I dont think a rgb header will give me the option of fan speed. Yeah the leds will show on arua but the fan speed??
Rosewill technical support is offering me a fan hub package to upgrade or use the parts I need and send it back. But still unsure of how to address the issue. Any ideas?

I'm having the exact same issue.. Did you come up with a workaround?

After a few messages to both rosewill and asus.

Quit while your ahead. This companys fans and case are incompatable.

Level 7

Hey there, Psychio94. I totally get your predicament with the Rosewill RGB fan hub and the Aura Sync compatibility. It can be a bit of a puzzle, but fear not, I've been down a similar path and might be able to shed some light on your situation.

First, it's essential to confirm that your motherboard's RGB header is a 3-pin, 5V addressable header (usually labeled ADD_GEN2 on the ASUS x570-E). The male RGB cable you mentioned is most likely designed to connect directly to this header.

As for the fan speed switch occupying that port, you can carefully unplug it and connect the RGB cable. The speed switch, when removed, should reveal a 3-pin port underneath that you can use for your RGB connection. Just remember to label the switch's cables to avoid any mix-up when you need to reattach it later.

I wouldn't recommend splicing the cables, as it could lead to unexpected issues. Instead, follow the above approach, and your Aura Sync should work like a charm. If you encounter any technical difficulties along the way, you might want to consider seeking assistance from professionals or contacting a reliable software company like Andersen to ensure everything goes smoothly.