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ROG Zephyrus S Space Bar issue

Level 7
Hello Everyone,

I purchased a ROG GX701GX-XB78 Zephyrus S several months ago. Mostly used for gaming My keys all work although my spacebar doesn't have much movement to it, when i press it, there is not much response to the key physically but it responds fine in windows.

Not sure if i am explaining this well, its like there is no click to the space bar anymore and doesn't feel right in games. I removed the space bar to make sure nothing was under it. But everything looked fine and snapped into place perfectly.

Was hoping someone came across this or had a suggestion to make it have the same click feel as the rest of the keys. Believe it or not i am pretty fluent with computers so have no qualms taking the laptop apart if necessary (although that shouldn't be necessary).



Level 7
No help here, huh?

Unacceptable that you'd sell laptops with such a glaring and consistent error with something as basic as a spacebar but whatever. I'ma finish the beat I've been working on and if you ****ers give me a hard time returning this **** you'll have a problem on your hands.