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ROG Zenith Extreme Issues

Level 7
Hi all! Recently i've upgraded my PC (specs in my profile) and i have some issues with new motherboard. Why i decided that problem is in motherboard? Cuz most parts from my current pc i've used with previous pc build. So, generally, i've changed only motherboard and cpu (maximus xi extreme & i9-9900k were replaced by zenith extreme & threadripper 2990wx). For reference - pc is not overclocked, bios has been updated to latest version. So, let's start:

1. pc launch takes a very long time (it takes about 7-10 seconds before the UEFI image appears with "press del to enter bios blah blah blah" text).
2. I can't choose boot device in bios. Every time i change the boot device and exit from bios with saving settings - a message appears stating that i did not make any changes. I have to spam F8 each time.
3. Livedash works partially. i can set any image/gif for my led display/ryujin 360 but i can't choose any stats/text options (no reaction).
4. My GPU's are swapped (?). I mean that my monitor is connected to GPU1 (upper) but even the bios shows that the main GPU is lower (GPU2). Same thing in nvidia cp and other software.
5. Sometimes the PC just freezes even without load (cpu temperature at this time is below 40°), after reboot, the following errors appear in the system log:

Processor X in group 0 exposes the following power management capabilities:

Idle state type: ACPI Idle (C) States (2 state(s))

Performance state type: ACPI Performance (P) / Throttle (T) States
Nominal Frequency (MHz): 3000
Maximum performance percentage: 100
Minimum performance percentage: 73
Minimum throttle percentage: 73

P.S. Im using Arctic MX-2 thermal compound and it's applied correctly to whole radiator surface.

And I would like to ask the following - in which "proper" order should i install chipset/gpu drivers and can i download latest chipset driver from amd site instead of zenith extreme support page?