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ROG Thor PSU's and next gen GPU's

Level 7
So I just built a new PC using the current 1200w ROG Thor PSU.
Looking at the upcoming Nvidia 4000 series ( and 3090ti) most articles seem to suggest a new 12 pin or even 16 pin standard. I know the soon to be released ROG THOR II's and Loki PSU's will have these ports built right in.
My question is what about my current ROG Thor power supply?
This article seems to suggest the current 1200w THOR has a 12 pin cable or adapter?
However I just checked the box my PSU came in an there is no 12 pin gen 5 cable or adapter.
Does ROG already provide a cable/adapter for these upcoming cards?
If not will they?
If find it hard to belive that 4000 series GPUs and 3090ti's will only be able to be purchased by those also buying $500 to $800 psu's with them. ( which is what it looks like the new power supplies are going to cost).
Nvidia 4000 sales will fall flat on thier face if thats the case.
Anyways, opinions are great but if anyone has any links to facts on this matter it would be greatly appreciated.