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ROG STRX B550-F WIFI II constant Reboot will not post

Level 8

Motherboard keeps rebooting the build is 

Asus Rog STRX B550-F WIFI II with Bios version 3607 newest firmware.

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X with stock cooler.

4 DIMMS of DDR 4 PNY 3200mhz for a total of 32 gig of ram.

Graphics card is Asus Duel RTTX 1060 12 gig of ram.

Power Supply is a Corsair RM 850x brand new.

SDD is in M2 1 slot is a Samsung SSD 980 model number MZ-V8V1T0

Second Drive is a 2 1/2 PNY SATA SSD 1TB  model number SSD7CS900-1TB-RB

The system will boot but then shut down and go into a reboot loop I have had to install windows several times because when it cycles it trashes the OS 

CPU Ram, Power Supply Hard Drive and Graphics card have been used from identical board.


Accepted Solutions



Hello Biermeister1

If you're combining two memory kits, remove one memory kit.

Turn off your pc and unplug the psu power cable. Install one memory kit in the A2-B2 memory slots. (2nd and 4th slots from the cpu)

Clear the cmos by shorting the two pins as instructed by the motherboard manual.

Replug the power cable and start your pc.

clear cmos header.png

Thank you for your response but talking to tech support today a RMA was started 


Before sending it off for RMA, you could try the above. It may save you from having to do an RMA.




Tech Support are the ones that said to do the RMA CMOS clear was done several times with every step that Tech Support had me do during the session 

But thank you for your help

Here what was found out fan header 3 is bad B1-B2 and A2 ram slots are not working properly

A1 slot is the only one that shows proper mhz and voltage 

System will stay running with Ram in A1 and no fan hooked to fan header 3 


You're welcome

Let us know how it goes when you get your replacement.