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ROG STRIX Z790-F Q-LED blinking only at the booting

Level 7
I've been with my new pc for a week. It's great, but i'm checking the time for starting the UEFI screen and booting the system is longer than I expected. Since the UEFI screen appears, then Windows 11 loads so fast (Nvme M2 SSD), but when I push the Power Button, the motherboard begins to do slow checks: This lights 3 times the red led (CPU) and the fans stop&go. Is Okay? My old PC did this part of the booting faster. Regards

Q-LED SEQUENCE: (CPU [red], DRAM [yellow], VGA [white], Boot Device [yellowgreen]) After, Q-led are turned off.

Level 7

Hello, did resolve this problem. I have same one and don't know how to fix it 




hello, same here, and also when playing The last of us, in the settings screen when i boost up settings the red led start flashing and i don't know why 

allso found about this, the RED led start flashing to notify HIGH TEMPERATURE in the CPU 

just enter the BIOS and in advance tab under START, change the POST time setting to zero and done 

Level 8

ok i found it, it is call POST TIME and you can change it in the BIOS, its set to 3 or more seconds, you can change it to less or "0" to have a faster start