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ROG STRIX Z790-F PCIE 3.0 X1 port blocked by GPU, what can I do?

Level 7

I use a 7.1 surround sound card from ASUS that plugs into the PCIE 3.0 X1 port onto the motherboard, on my old motherboard this was fine however I just upgraded to the Z790-F and the graphics card is blocking the port. I can't even use a riser/extension if I wanted to. I could move the graphics card down a couple of slots to reveal the port but wouldn't that increase temperatures? And I'd also be losing the benefits of the PCIE 5.0 slot.

Tough situation, any help would be appreciated!


Level 11


If you have the video card installed in the PCIE 5.0 slot, it's not fully utilizing the potential because no gaming graphics card on the market supports that interface. We're still using PCIE 4.0. I wouldn't worry about the benefits at the moment at all. If you move the GPU into the 2nd or 3rd slot, it should work just fine. Temperatures matter from a few factors, so theoretically by default they shouldn't increase 🙂

Ah okay thank you for the reply! The slot I’m using says PCIe 5.0 and has a quick release button - much easier than the standard latch version. Funnily enough I solved this problem by just putting the sound card in a PCIe 4.0 slot and it works flawlessly, haven’t moved the card around at all. Thank you for the help, and information too!