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ROG Strix z690 G mATX - removing GPU

Level 7
I recently upgraded my GPU to an NVidia RTX 4080FE which is 3 slots wide. My previous GPU was two slots wide (2080TI).

The issue I'm having is it took almost an hour to remove the old GPU and I had to use a couple of tools that were *not* meant for that!

There's no obvious way to get to the GPU without removing the motherboard from the chassis, and even then it's ridiculously difficult to get to that release lever underneath the card.

The larger boards of this line have the Q-Release system but this one does not, sadly. It seems it could have used it.

Does anyone have this board and know of any tricks to remove the GPU?

I'll probably need to get to the NVMe slots beneath it at some point.

Hello honey.the.codewitch

Welcome to the ROG forum.

You should be able to remove the gpu without having to remove the motherboard from the case.

For pcie slots that have the tabs, I use the eraser end of a pencil to be sure not to scratch the motherboard.

Can you push the tab from the backplate side of the gpu?