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Rog strix 4080 and cable mod advice

Level 9
Hi guys,

I'm planning on buying a Rog strix 4080 at some point this year.
On the specs sheet I see that the 4080 wants a 1x 16 pin PCI connector.
I currently have a 2080 super with a cable mod (pictures attached) 2x 8 pin PCI.
I was wondering if I could use the existing cable mod to power the 4080 up?
As even if split in 2 connections they still 16 pin?
PSU wise I should be ok as I have a Thor 1200.

Thanks in advance

Level 9
Little update,I have found this on the internet which looks like what I need being a 16 pin connector plus will plug straight into my psu meaning I will get rid of the extension and the original cable.
Only thing is I'm not sure it will work on my psu being a Asus one and the cable being from Corsair?