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ROG RAMPAGE edition 10 qcode 99

Level 7
I recently got a new case, the h700i to replace my previous s340 elite. I take everything out and put everything in my new case and strip my desk to rewire. Once I finish wiring my case, I quickly get a case and a monitor working to make sure everything boots. Perfectly fine. I go to bed and finish wiring my desk the next day.

I finish wiring my desk and congratulate myself. Only to find out that when I try to boot, I get error A2.

Trouble shooting time. I disconnect all my harddrives by their sataports and try to boot based just on the m.2 connected to the board. I get error 99 and a boot device LED I start going into hardcore troubleshooting mode and disconnect all but one of my ram sticks, disconnect all my USB devices, disconnect all internal ports. 99, LED. I result to taking apart everything, still leaving in the m.2, graphics card and one ram stick. 99. LED. I finally take out the m.2 leaving the only thing in my system the graphics card, motherboard, cpu and one ram stick. Same issue.

I have no idea what's changed between 12 hours ago and 6 hours ago. But I've been tweaking everything none stop for 6 hours and I still can't get into the bios, no display output and always get qcode 99.

I don't understand.

My specs are;
2x Samsung 250gb SSDs
ROG RAMPAGE edition 10
Intel i7 6850k
2x Seagate 1tb hard drives
Nzxt kraken x62
Corsair 850w gold
Samsung evo 250gb

This is the second motherboard I've had of this model.

I'm currently on mobile so excuse any spelling mistakes.

Level 7
Just to note that anything such as keyboards and stuff do light up, the motherboard lights up perfectly fine. I just can't get a bios screen, any other post message or any display output.

Level 7
I don't know what's changed within the past 30 minutes but, I'm now only getting d6 qcodes. I took out the motherboard, but it back in, and now I'm only getting d6 instead of b6 and 99.

I've changed out the same graphics card and still having the same issue.