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Rog or Aura compatible RAM

Level 8

Hi all guys,

Just wanted to ask a quick question and need some advice please.

I have recently finished my all ROG pc,where all components are ROG branded,all apart from one the RAM.

So I just wanted to ask if there are any compatible Aura RAM since it looks like ROG don't make any?

I would need 32GB DDR4@ 3200mhz.

Thanks in advance for the help.



Hello Alessio088

I don't have RGB ram but, G.Skill Trident Z works well with Armoury Crate. I hear of issues with iCue so Corsair memory may not be the best choice.

How you'd get it to work is...

1) Install Armoury Crate.

2) Install the G.Skill RGB lighting control program.

3) Configure a setting with the G.Skill program.

4) In task manager on the Startup tab, disable the G.Skill lighting control program.

5) Reboot, you should have lighting control of your ram in Armoury Crate.

Level 14

There are some ROG CERTIFIED memory kits out there, but it's mostly a branding thing, rather than a compatibility thing (as far as I can see).  You still need to refer to the QVL for your specific board, the certified RAM is not necessarily verified compatible with all boards.  ROG presumably think the modules they allow to use the logo meet a minimum level of quality, etc; but DDR5 compatibility can be very touchy and the QVLs are the best guide out there for what is more likely to work at XMP/DOCP/EXPO overclocked speeds.

If any of those modules are on your QVL, it's a way of getting DIMMs with a ROG logo (and sometimes other bits of theming).

Edit: There's also an ASUS Aura Partners page which has memory modules listed that should hopefully be reasonably Aura-friendly.  Again, the board QVL is still more important.