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ROG MAXIMUS XII FORMULA Long post suddenly.

Level 7
I have a ROG MAXIMUS XII FORMULA MB and I replaced the GPU from an RTX 2080 Super to a 3080 and once I did the system started taking a long time to post with the message on the LCD reading "Loading VGA Bios". This never use to happen before and it takes roughly 30 seconds now before it progresses. The GPU I bought was defective so I took it back and put my old GPU back into the PC and the problem still persists. I have tried resetting the BIOS and CMOS but it just keeps doing it. After this very long loading bios issues the system boots up and operates perfectly fine.

Any help is much appreciated.

Level 7
Found out what was causing it. I have a TERRAMASTE​R D4-300 DAS I just got and it's checking each of the drives in it while booting so it lengthens the post. If I disconnect it or power it down the PC boots quickly.