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ROG Maximus VII Hero Z97 starts ONLY after heated with a hair dryer

Level 7
Hi guys, please help !

I have a desktop 4 years old:

Mobo ROG Mazimus Hero VII Z97
CPU i7-4790k socket 1150
RAM 4x8 DDR3 Kingston Fury
PSU BeQuiet PurePower 730W
GPU Asus Strix Nvidia GeForce 970GTX
OS Windows 7 Pro 64 bit (genuine).

Since build, with brand new components, the rig was perfectly stable. No problems, except 2-3 times last summer when it shutdown during a gaming session, probably overheating. But rebooted without incidents.
Last week, Monday morning, problem - the system would not boot ! All lights on the mobo, all fans working (including the CPU's one). Qcode: infamous 00. And the CPU_led on.
I have retried many, many, many times. Nothing. Same 00, same CPU_led red light.
Next day, after I saw on internet, I heated the mobo less than 2 min with a hairdryer. Miracle, perfect boot, perfect POST ! No more OO code, no more Q-Leds on the mobo.
So, since then, I have to start my rig with a hair dryer...
It works without any problems. Yesterday it was on for almost 12 hours, including 2 gaming sessions. No errors, no crashes, nothing wrong at all... Temperatures fine: mobo max.39 Celsius, CPU 33-38 C, VRM 38-42 C, GPU 40-46 C but up to 65-70 C during gaming. Never OC it ! I did not move it or handle it improperly. I did not install anything on it lately.
Restarting from Windows works, but if I shut it down, will not come up without some heat from a hair dryer.
All checks and troubleshooting I did on it give OK results ! Except one: when troubleshooting with Windows, config a device-->problems found-->harware changes might not have been detected-->detection details-->Windows version 6.1 and architecture AMD64 (really, AMD64 ? Should it be like that ? Not Intel ? ). But if I scan for hardware devices, results nothing.
Since no other problems detected, I did not try to remove components one by one etc. etc. Nor did I removed the BIOS battery.
Now, it is true that before the fail, the cold boot in the morning took a bit longer than 2 years ago (but I thought that it's normal, since many Windows upgrades). It is also true that shutting down from Windows took also a bit longer -some 10-15 seconds longer that normal use to be. Capacitor issue ?
Drivers are updated. Except the Intel(r)Management Engine Interface. And the BIOS. I have the 2012 version (since october 2014). The last BIOS should be version 3201 (from 2017, or even 3503, but this one is a beta). Since I never had problems, I did not consider to update the BIOS. Is this important in this case ?

Now guys, what can it be ? Maybe the PSU does not give enough power for a cold start ? Something about a contact (heating mobo=dilatation) ? But where ? Can it be the CPU ? Then, why works without problems after start ? One more thing, when shutting down from the Windows, not only that it takes longer, but the Q_led shows again 00 before all lights go off. But no other Q_leds on.
I really care about this rig and I do not want to change it .
Of course, I indent to go to a professional but I want to firstly know what about can be.
Sorry for the above might be mistakes, English is not my native language and thank you in advance for your brainstorming

Level 10
Well I would try another psu first. Code 00 is a dead cpu or no powered cpu. If this isn’t working then put your mobo into the oven (you can google it) could be a cold solder joint. Worked for my gpu and mobo*

Update - the mobo stayed 1 week in a hardware professional service. Result ? Zero-zero They could not find what it's wrong with it...
So I had to buy a Z97 Fatal1ty Killer...

@Re@per - thanks, I will try or I will give it to some friend to try it.