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ROG Max XII Formula UEFI: Does the UEFI read the Driver CD?

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I've been dealing with MSI and ASROCK and each of the systems I have are several generations old. I just spent 3.5 weeks (and about $4k) building my system from the ground up with all 100% new hardware, (except for the case). I have gone through all kinds of hell with the motherboard but after ASUS tech confirmed it was bad and I got a new one, I'm left second guessing everything that's going on and everything I'm doing.

Long story short; the system is freezing up while I'm making some basic selections in the UEFI. I followed the suggestions regarding this issue, (clear the CMOS and flash/update BIOS), and I have yet to start it up again. However, after I start it up and reset the clock, (and assuming that stops the freeze-up issue), I want to know if I should place the CD in my reader to let the UEFI update the drivers? Can it even do that?

In the last 7 or 8 years, I've built from 5, to maybe 8 systems from scratch. Most of the time I rebuild/upgrade the systems I have. Therefore, I tend to forget when I should run the motherboard CD. I can't recall if it's done before or after I boot to the O/S. This system is 100% all new hardware and in fact, the only thing that isn't new is the Corsair 780T case.

I'm afraid that if I boot to the OS, I'm going to overload the system processes with auto-updates and alterations from the mobo, GPU, CPU, and even the PSU.

I have yet to complete my system specs in the forum user control panel, but I will soon. However, for now, this is my new systems, basic specs:

Present O/S is Windows 7 64 bit but will be upgraded to Win 10 as soon as I get the system running well enough.
CPU: i7-10700K
Mobo: ASUS ROG Maximus Xii Formula
GPU: EVGA RTX 2070 Super Ultra
RAM: T-Force DDR4 Xtream 3600MHz (2 x 8GB)
Cooling System: Custom Liquid, EKWB Pump, (2) 200ml reservoirs, (2) Radiators, 1 - 120 x 240 x 25.4 and 1 - 120 x 120 x 34.9. All Soft tubing.
Case: Corsair 780T (White)

If anyone has a suggestion of what I should do in the UEFI just to get to the O/S screen, that would be helpful too. I'll worry about overclocking later, after I get the Windows 10 installed. I have 7 SSDs but I've only got my O/S drive and a support drive connected, (along with the DVD reader and a card reader).

The ASUS UEFI seems a lot different than the MSI or ASROCK systems I'm used to. I've read that I should turn off the "Armory Crate" install but I don't know what this "Setup Animator" is, should I disable it? What the hell does it do?! I can't find out anything about it.
Thanks to all,

Level 40
No need to overthink this...

New system clean just disconnect all but your target drive and internet...boot from install media...install OS...install drivers from MB...install GPU driver

Connect updates as necessary

Yes, OK so I can't load the CD without first installing, or running into the O/S.

I presently have Windows 7 64 in my O/S drive and intend to run that O/S so that I can complete some work. I don't intend to install Windows 10 Pro until I've got some things done, which will take to about Wednesday.

This new build was not planned for another month but my MSI Z97 MPower Max AC motherboard died several weeks ago.

Rather than buy another Z97 board, I decided to do the full rebuild and that's why I'm where I am now.

Anyway, thanks for the help!
BTW: I'm new to this forum so I may have missed a placed I could click that would credit you or assign this topic as resolved. I searched for one but didn't see any. If such a thing is optional in this forum and I missed it, please feel free to let me know what I should click on to give you credit.

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No credit needed.

If you are trying to transfer an OS I would just do it and see if it boots up...and then I'd do what you need to do hoping Windows can use what it has built in to cope...

Installing drivers in BIOS is a no go..

I'd personally not try to install new drivers over the top....might make things worse....only install if stuff is not working.

But a fresh install is the only way to go and ASAP


Yes, I also called the ASUS tech support because even though I had full function of my keyboard (wired) & mouse, (wireless dongle), while I was in the UEFI, when I tried to boot to the O/S, the Windows logo would open for me to type in my entrance password, but the mouse and keyboard were completely disabled.

While in the UEFI, all my USB ports on the motherboards I/O, front & top case, and 10-port powered hub, were active and working. However, when I got to the Windows boot screen logo, I have to guess that they were all disabled because even my alternate wired mouse and keyboards would not communicate.

The first thing the ASUS tech pointed out was that Windows 7 64bit is likely the reason for this issue. I had already suspected that to myself but when he mentioned this, I was pretty sure this was the reason.

My Windows 7 O/S was on a 'semi-dedicated' SSD. I wanted to keep that O/S as isolated from the other installed 6 SSDs. Over time, it became increasingly difficult to avoid installing any software on that dedicated O/S drive. Some of the software I purchased required that the installation be on the same drive as the O/S.

I forgot that I could have partitioned the O/S drive and by the time I realized that option, I had already installed 3 large programs on that drive. Rather than removing, partitioning, and reinstalling software, I left it that way. I knew I'd be building a new system soon and figured I'd work it all out at that time.

When I bought the most recent hardware for this build, I also purchased the Windows 10 64bit Pro O/S. I bought it as software mounted on a flash drive and I can do a clean installation when my new SSD arrives. It's supposed to be here later today.

If I do a clean O/S installation of Windows 10 on my present Windows 7 O/S drive, I risk losing part or all of the other programs on that drive. In fact, my present version of Windows 7 64 bit, is the "Home" version.

I found that I couldn't use the MS 'Easy-Upgrade' to install Windows 10 64 bit Pro I could only select the Win 10 Home edition as the upgrade.
Thanks again,

Level 40
Yeah sounds like the best option will be to do a clean install on your new drive of W10 and then you'll have access to your other drive from there....