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ROG Hyperion GR701 ARGB and Fan hub question about proper connection

Level 9

Greetings. Just finishing up my Build using the Following PC components and I have some questions before applying power to the board.  List of Build components :  Asus ROG Hyperion GR701, Asus ROG Crosshair Extreme X670E , Asus ROG Thor 1200W Platinum II, Asus ROG Ryujin III ARGB with gen 8 pump, Asus ROG Strix RTX 4090 OC . Corsair K95 KB, Corsair Mouse and headset. 

The ROG Hyperion GR701 manual is very lacking only providing pictures for a case that cost 500 USD. Other than that the case is nice.  I have installed all my components and it has been almost 10 years since I last built a custom system. In this quest to seek answers I will be providing some photos for clarification. 

My questions The Fan/ARGB Hub provided with the case. has 3 connectors, power self explaining on that one, Fan Connector, ARGB Connector. Also there are multiple unused male connectors on the Hub for both fans and LED or ARGB (assumption on my part  for the ARGB) see first photo.

Question 1 can the ARGB from the PSU and the Ryujin AIO be connected to the Hub?  Currently have them connected to a 1 in 3 splitter that was provided with the X670E Extreme MB. The Hub is also connected to this splitter Yet the Manual states to connect one splitter with no more than two ARGB components yet the board came with a 1 n3 splitter.  See second  and third photo ARGB is shown on Photo 4


1n 3 splitter ARGB1n 3 splitter ARGB

Hub Connector to the 1n3 splitterHub Connector to the 1n3 splitter

Question 2 . I currently have the Ryujin Fan connector installed on the MB Should this also be on the fan hub. Also not seeing how the fan hub is controlled with no usb input from the mother board only a single fan connector that is installed to the mother board. See photo 4  below


Question 3 has to do with the Multifunction Display Board, Came installed in the Case and only had one wire connected to the ARGB Fan Hub. Manual has reference on page 37 in picture 3  to a micro usb cable not included. Does this mean that I have to purchase a micro cable to get the display board to work? If This is so this is a huge failure on ASUS's part for including a Display Board that did not come with a means of powering it up . As I have not powered on the board and either the case I am not sure if the board works or not. 

 I connected  3 sata power connectors that were hanging in the back of the case two of those sata  power connectors go to the Fan/ ARGB Hub and the third goes into the wire loom that feeds the front panel.

In Summary or closing I have the AIO Connected to the CPU FAN (4) Connector and the  CHA_Fan1P, and the 2.0 usb connector (14) on mother board. I have the Fan / ARGB connected to FAN cable to CHA_FAN2P and ARGB (15) ADD GEN2_3  labeled as ARGB on the Board itself the manual is labeled differently.  The ARGB cable goes to a 1 n 3 ARGB Splitter that connects to the mother board  PSU, AIO and Fan Hub. See refence photos below for pin layout on MB and the display Board and the Fan hub in manual 


GR701 Multifunction BoardGR701 Multifunction BoardGR701 Fan hubGR701 Fan hubExtreme X670E Board layoutExtreme X670E Board layoutExtreme X670E Board legendExtreme X670E Board legend