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ROG Hero VIII sleep mode problem

Level 7
My Asus ROG Hero Viii keeps coming out from sleep mode for no reason. It also never goes into sleep mode by itself or turns off the display. Multiple default Bios settings/fresh Win 10 installations; no matter what I do it will wake up by itself at random times. Any idea what might be causing it?

Level 12
Not sure, you make it really hard when don't give whole system to then understand the problem, but could try this.

In device manager, find the NIC connected to your network, enter properties, power management and untick allow this device to wake computer. If you have device on network acessing your device or polling it, this will cuase it wake up and not sleep.

That's not it; tried it already. System is pretty generic, 6700k, 32gb Ram, rtx2800 ti, Samsung 950 pro 512GB ssd.

Super Moderator
Most likely a device that is connected to the system is causing the issue. Try sending the system to sleep whilst removing one device at a time until the issue desists.
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