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ROG Helios Fan controller weird noise on low fan speed

Level 7

I recently build a new PC using the ROG Helios case. I struggled a bit when connecting all the cables because I am new at this and this is my first build, so I may have screwed something up. Especially with the fan controller that comes with the case, for a complete newbie, it's really confusing.
Everything works fine, the only thing is that whenever I set the fans to low speed on the case to make it quieter, all fans on the case stop spinning, start twitching, and making a weird clicking sound. The clicking sound disappears when I set the fan speed back to high.

As a test, I unplugged the fan at the back of the case from the fan controller and plugged it into the mobo directly, but no noise came, just the fan spinning at max speed.

I uploaded a video of the issue to Youtube:

Any suggestions to fix this and get rid of the clicking sound would be awesome and greatly appreciated!

Here are my PC specs:

-Case: ROG Helios White Edition
-CPU: Core i7 10700K
-Mobo: ROG Strix Z590-A Gaming WIFI
-AIO: ROG Strix LC 360
-GPU: Strix GTX 1070 (best GPU I could get right now)
-RAM: 32GB Corsair Vengeance Pro
-PSW: Corsair RM 850X