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ROG g752vt nvme Patriot Hellfire very bad performance

Level 7
I am having serious problem with making my M.2 Patriot Hellfire 2280 240 GB work as it should.
I have bought brand new ROG g752vt and right after i have put my hands on mentioned nvme,
for a moment i havent even considered installing OS on HDD .

And then there was first bump, win10 installer couldnt detect my brand new nvme .
I have google a bit, it didnt took me long to find out about common issues with samsung EVO 960 nvme
installation. Instead of just settling with switching SATA mode to AHCI, i first updated my BIOS (which was 214)
to 216 - and now i regret this badly, because it turns out you cant downgrade BIOS in ROG g752vt .
So, i switched it to AHCI and... OOPSY still nvme wasnt detected!! I had to remove HDD and then it would appear
in win10 installer. So i did clean install (splitted nvme to 2 equally sized parts). Installed all ASUS/INTEL/NVIDIA drivers
and started to benchmark my brand new piece of machinery (3dmark, CINEBENCH etc.), i left my nvme for a dessert.
First benchmark i used was ATTO, where results were actually kind of similar to what producer was
stating in its spec, but then i started firing other benchmarks (CristalMark, AnvilPro) and to my great surprise results were
really bad, especially on WRITE-side ( 50% - 80% disparity). Because i didnt have any point of reference
( there were reviews of patriot hellfire 480 GB only ), so i decided to wait a bit and google in the meantime.
I have read that Partior(Toshiba?) didnt provide OS driver, it relies on stonvme.sys and that CMS / Secure boot options can help.
After a while a review of Hellfire 240 GB showed up to finally crash my hopes.
Results were as expected - eventhough test were done on PC, but also on win10 . So i came to conclusion
that i had a bad luck and i bought a broken unit. So i decided to return it to hardware store. They did some "diagnosis" and agreed that
there is sth wrong and gave me back my cash. I thought i ll give Patriot Hellfire 2280 240 GB one more chance. I bought it again.
Unfortunately i was getting EXACTLY the same results in benchmarks. I tried some more benchmarks, like AS SSD Benchmark where
you can test response time. Resp. time for READ ops is acceptable (0.039-0.044 ms) but for WRITE it is almost 0.8ms !!!
To summarize:
I think the problem is not with Patriot Hellfire 2280 240GB, benchmakrs for READ ops are acceptable - eventhough in certain
benchmarks disparity is around 30-50%, but for WRITE ops results are super slow.
I would guess i may have made big mistake upgrading my BIOS to 216 (cant say if upgrade helped or not), or simply ASUS ROG g752vt doesnt support all nvme drives which are on the market.
I havent yet contacted ASUS support. I can still return Patriot Hellfire without a reason (consumer law in my country),
i am considering trying some other brand, like Plextor 256GB M.2 PCIe M8Pe, which on paper is slower (escpecially with WRITE ops), but maybe it has a better support from other vendors ? Could anyone give me a hint what to do ? Whether it may be sth with my g752vt ? Does anyone know sth about a secret trick to downgrade bios in this model ?

Level 14
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