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ROG FALCHION typing random letters by itself when used wireless

Level 7

Well, My keyboard works just fine for 9 months, but now it is useless in wireless mode. The symptoms:

When in wireless mode:

It just stops responding for several seconds, sometimes you type and you will see nothing on the screen at all, then it starts typing alone the last letter that you type indefinitely until you turn the keyboard off or for some time 10-20 seconds

If I plug it into the wired mode it just works fine

What I have tried so far: changed the USB port, ran firmware updates, updated armoury crate and aura creator. 

OS: Windows 11 Pro 22H2 22621.1413

Any suggestion? I wasn't expecting this expensive keyboard to last that little. Also  I tried to RMA the keyboard but the ASUS portal tells me that the SN doenst exist...