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ROG Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi Intermittently not starting

Level 7
Has anyone had this issue where the ROG Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi sometimes wont start?
Its only happening intermittently and randomly, so far twice in a month. No pattern to it, but its only the second time so far. I must have booted this machine about 60 times since I built it so its happening like once every 30 boots.
The rig is new.

I see power to the board; i.e.: the start button is lit and the Hero lighting is on and pulsing, which is normal.
Room temp is around 17c, i.e.: cool.
Pressing the case button and nothing happens. No fans, no HSF, no LED's, no video card and no start.
Pressing the on-board start button and nothing happens either.
Power cycle the board by turning off and on the PS and then press the case button and it starts normally.
There is no q-code displayed while its off. Once its logged into Windows the q-code settles to AA.

I'm running with a Ryzen 5 3600XT with stock HSF.
Its running the RAM at 1066 MHz which is a G.Skill 32GB kit on the QVL. I did run it for a while using the XMP 1800 MHz profile with no issues after running hours of Prime95 as a test and Memtest86 for hours, but decided to go back to 1066 to eliminate that as a possible factor.
BIOS has everything on AUTO pretty much.
Has a hefty power supply, 1000W
CPU-Z shows normal vcore, ranging from ~0.432 to ~1.224 ish at idle. Stressing CPU pushes vcore to ~1.352
Temps seem normal given stock HSF.
All new components except for the video card which is a 1080. Video card has had zero issues in previous system.
BIOS was flashed to 3401 after the last time it failed to start.

Now today its done it again just out of the blue.
Otherwise the system runs beautifully, theres no pattern or obvious reason for this behavior.
Any advice or help will be appreciated, TIA

So this turned out to be a faulty board.
I have a new Dark Hero board and its been running beautifully for the past month.
I found a few instances of posts on the web with similar problems about the Hero board, it must have been a bad batch or something.

Level 7

Yeo have the exact same issue. Not feeling 8 weeks RMA without a PC though. Simply put my next board won't be an Asus.