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Level 7

i have a problem. after i got the X570 crosshair VIII hero and the ARGB ramms TF10D416G3200HC14BDC01

they are not working properly the RGB. Not all zones are light up and not the DIIMS are bright enough.

they work all right with my other motherboard.

after talking with ROG support they told me that his part number is not QVL supported.
what can i do? TEAMGROUP won't RMA them since they work properly as Ram, my vendor won't take them back
can Asus realease a new bios that will make them work correctly?

PS it has NOTHING to do with AURA!

Level 7
Hi all,

I just want to share my experience with my latest build. i will try to keep it short. I tried to make a zen3 desktop that would be full of RGB effects..

While i was looking for memory i found these dimms from TEAMGROUP XTREEM ARGB i got the part of TF10D416G3200HC14BDC01 since that was the best i could find and i had read that for zen3 better get the lower latency.

I was in for a bad surprise. These DIMMs work allright but the RGB effects do not work properly. the main body is TOO dark compared to the letters and there is almost no color!!!

I went online, went to youtube to search videos of people who used, i contacted all reviewers or people who had made comments about the ram. I show pics of builds where the ram worked all right!!! some even emailed me their latest photos.

I asked for RMA from teamgroup but i wanted to be sure the new memories would work fine so i wouldn't lose time. I thought that 4 DIMMS not to work properly there must be a mistake with the MOBO and not the DIMMS. i tried everything Teamgroup told me to do regarding software and what other people wrote to me online. Again no result.

It wasn't a problem with Aura because even before the Aura software kicked in the brightness was too low.

Then i tried the DIMMS on an older motherboard from MSI. you can see that here the DIMMS are lighted perfectly as they should.

I understood there is something wrong with the motherboard. I asked for the vendor to return the DIMMS but he didn't accept since he told me the RAM works perfectly and he only brought it for me. I contacted asus and i found out that the specific PART NUMBER is not part of QVL TF10D416G3200HC14BDC01.

my question is WHY the **** there rams are working OK on a Mobo from 2016 and not on a 2020 motherboard???? what can i do? any ideas?