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Rma time

Level 7
I will try to make a long story short. About 10 months ago I bought asus rog 10 year anniversary motherboard at the time it was top of the range and I was willing to pay £500 for top motherboard. About 6-7 weeks 22/05/17 it stopped posting, sent it to retailer to check if there is a fault. retaolder took 14 days to identify fault saying that 2 pins a very slightly bent to which I said that I don't doubt their ability to identify fault, but how can they explain it running for over 9 months and suddenly stop posting. guy on the other end of the phone said he couldn't, but he will sent it to asus for repairs, but they may charge me for repair. so this conversation took place on 4/6/17. I had a call 2 days later from retailer stating that asus has received my motherboard on 6/6/17 and they confirmed that 2 pins are bent therefore they are going to charge me £60+vat I said no problem just get it sorted please because it's taking too long now... so yesterday 3/7/17 I phoned retailer again to check where is my motherboard and all they told me is that it is out of their hands because it is now with asus and they can take UP TO 30 days. so I said well it has now been 26 days since asus received and just over 6 weeks since I sent it to you.
so I'm now sitting over 6 weeks without pc with all my work pulling up... such a brand like asus should not let their customer service and repairs department spoil their name. I have always had a very good opinion about asus products and own quite a few, but because of such experience where I am left without pc for such ridiculous time I will not be looking into asus direction for future products.

Level 10
Thanks for contacting us regarding this, please PM me with the following information:

Product S/N:
Previous RMA#:
Previous Case#s:

Once I have this information I can forward it on to someone who can check what's going on with your case 🙂

due to my retailer sending it to asus i do not have rma number, or case number. All has been done through retailer, motherboard
serial number: G5MCAJ086546
retailer: NOVATECH UK
retailers return reference number: 2436599

Hope this helps.