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[RGB your life] which RGB Fans for my PC

Level 7
Hello Guys,
i have my PC now for half a year and my stock fans suck to be honest. I want to replace them with good, silent and powerful RGB Fans but i dont know which ones i need.

The most importent thing for me is that they are controlled by Asus Aura so i dont need another Bloatware (besides Armoury Crate)
I dont care for this special effects of some of the Corsair and Thermal Take Fans, because most of the time i have static colours.

My RGB Setup so far:
-X570 Strix-E Motherboard
-Wraith Prism RGB CPU Cooler
-Evolv X with a built in PWM Fan hub for 4 Fans
-Asus RTX 2070
-Trident Z RGB 32 GB

As you can see i can control all my existing RGB Units with the Aura Software and i want it to keep this way.

I read that Asus and Corsair have a Partnership now but it only affects the Motherboard so far. So buying Corsair Fans andusing the Corsair ICUE to control my whole PC wont work at the moment right?