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RGB on Asus ROG Maximus XI Code

Level 7
The aesthetic RGB on the top left side of motherboard does not work.
Logo, Republic of Gamers and strip at bottom of motherboard work also top right side are on.
I've installed Aura Sync several times, still doesn't light up. Any ideas?

Come on guys! Has no one had this problem? Would really like the whole board to light up like it should. None of you devs have a clue?

Level 8
I just noticed the same thing on this board until I turned off every single light except the top left ones from Aura. What I found out is that the area lights up but the light is EXTREMELY low and barely visible if not from a very close distance. I got this board between October and November 2018 as well and it might be just a defect of the early samples. Of course I hope not, but I can't be sure.

Same issue.

ROG eye section around PCI slot lights up.
Republic of Gamers logo under CPU lights up.
Maximus XI and Code Logos don't light up at all. (top left section)

Pulled it all apart to see if not a connector / cabling issue. All seems fine, although those plugs and cables are tiny AF.
The modules in the BIOS seem to reflect OK:
BIOS Version 0805
EC Version MBEC-Z390-0122
LED EC1 Version AUMA0-E6K5-0106
LED EC2 Version AULA2-SO72-0101
ME FW Version

I can't get any version of Aura however to see the motherboard RGB.
Finds my EVGA GFX, my G.Skill Memory and my Corsair AIO, but not their own motherboard. Pretty hilarious actually.

Level 7
Hello, I have the same problem when I just received my motherboard, back to SAV?