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Retro ROG Motherboards, which design would you like to see make a return?

Level 7
Are you a retro fan? Which of the following OG designs would you like to see make a return as a special edition?


Level 8
Ran it for many years, first with an Intel i7-2600K and then an Intel i5-3570K. It was a sweet build and really all you need for a single graphics card build.

I'm trying a modest AMD build now on a Strix mainboard platform. Strix seems to be the new Maximus and TUF the new mid-range lineup.

I don't see many mid-range mATX boards with the same rich feature set anymore, but it may be because Gen 4 PCIe is making board design more expensive.
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The all-new Subaru WRX is coming. Pardon our dust.

Level 13
I move on my life to accept new tehnology. But I remember those day days I managed to see this and I realised what the hack I am a retiree old man.


I'd love to see a new and updated version of the A8R32 MVP I loved that mobo and I still have it

Level 7
i am a retro fan