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Replacing thermal pad on M.2 SSD

Level 7
I'm concerned about how to safely remove the thermal pad when upgrading to a larger SSD. I don't see how to release the old M.2 SSD from the pad since the pad is adhered to the MB. Can't peal it off while the M.2 module is stuck to the MB by the thermal pad.

Can someone help with this?

Is the pad stuck to the drive or the board? A picture might help. Anyway, an adhesive pad should not be like a permanent glue. Removing it may cause it to be less sticky but it should not damage anything. Obviously if pulling on the pad causes significant flexing and it won't release then stop. Warming with a hair dryer might help in that case.
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nvme m.2 ssd without thermal no issues I don't know if thermal also a need for m.2 ssd