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Replacing GL531GU laptop speakers (right side crackling badly)

Level 7
Hey there. I've had a GL531GU for a while now and haven't had any audio problems. Yesterday the right side speaker started crackling really badly whether it was during gaming or watching a Youtube video. It's definitely only the right side speaker. I muted that one and the left side sounded normal even at 100% volume.

So I want to just replace the speaker itself at this point because I've tried rolling back and/or updating drivers, and a couple other software things, and none of it has had any effect. Audio sounds perfect through headphones also.

My question is, I can't seem to find a place selling replacement speakers specifically for the GL531GU. I've only found these ones for the GL531GT:|l

Are they all the same speakers? Do you know a place selling the correct speakers if not? Got a link?

Second question. I've taken this laptop apart before in order to replace the RAM and add a hard drive. From what I have in my pictures of the internals, it looks like I would just need to unscrew the old speaker and unplug it, and then swap in the new one and plug it in. That should be all that's required right? Don't worry I unplug the battery when working inside the laptop.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and then I will proceed from there. Thanks guys.

Level 7
Is there not anyone who has replaced a set of speakers on a modern ROG laptop?

Youtube vids on the topic are pretty rare it seems.