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Replacing CMOS battery on Maximus VII Formula?

Level 7
Hey, i would like to ask how i go about replacing the CMOS battery on my Maximus VII Formula mobo. I have been getting weird errors recently, like the bios forgetting that i selected 'ignore' on the CPU fan monitor (fans controlled by hub instead) and having to do the 'press F1' thingy to reset it every time i start up, and also just today my computer time reset to 1/1/2009, so i have reason to believe the CMOS battery may be failing.

The CMOS battery is under the 'armour' on this mobo, am i correct in assuming i will have to dismantle my entire computer to get the armour off to replace it? If so it will be a massive pain...

Also does anyone know if there is anything in the BIOS that monitors the CMOS battery voltage so i can check it before hand?

Any advice would be much appreciated!

~ Nozy