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Reinstall Armoury Crate

Level 7
My RGB memory (Corsair Vengeance) did not synchronise with my Motherboard, so I decided to reinstall both software. I followed the uninstall instructions on the ASUS website and then installed the nested application after extracting their download. My motherboard and RAM no longer appear in Aura Sync or the devices tab above it.*

I uninstalled everything I saw with Aura/ASUS or ROG, wi th the exception of AISuite 3 (which I need). What could I have missed? I get the feeling there is some registry record of a previous install or something like that and it is blocking me from reinstalling. Do I need to get a registry editor and manually search?*

Level 10
Armoury Crate, Aura, you name it. I have near given up. And yes, it's all about the registry. It seems to me you have to use third party software to remove everything, and then start again. And maybe that will work, maybe it won't.

Who can be bothered any more? In a day or two, or week or two, and it won't be working again. Apparently, there is a new version of Armoury Crate being tested. Let's hope Asus and Microsoft (which is at least in part responsible here) get it right for a change. Then again, that may take a couple years, if ever.

It is amazing quite how difficult this is and how hard it is to contact a person who knows anything at ASUS. The hardware seems fine. It’s like they have the director’s son as head of software and don’t dare fire him. *

*FYI I’ve found some stuff from ASUS in the registry. Been altering them one by one. Not found what works yet. If I do I’ll update this thread. It’d be nice if someone from ASUS just told me so I didn’t have to experiment.*

I got bored of doing it individually, so used the free versions of Revo Uninstaller & the CCleaner. Nothing.
I even reset the bios to default.*
Short of reinstalling windows I can’t see what else to do.
ASUS support were useless; just suggested an RMA & have now vanished.*