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Regularly asked Questions about Fan Xpert

Level 7
I was finally able to get Ai SUITE installed with all the plug-ins. My D5 pump is supposed to be controlled via pwm header. it is not but should I even worry about that? Also, the Tower 900 comes with 2 identical fans pre-installed. The top front fan mounted above the I/O shield is working properly where the fan mounted on top centered behind the motherboard is on full speed all the time. the front fan is plugged into chassis fan 1 and the back chassis fan 3. The D5 pump is powered by a 12+ and ground molex connector plugged into the power supply. The 4 pin pwm has just 2 black wires plugged into the w_pump+ header in the correct pin locations. Should I connect the +12v and ground to the remaining 2 pins in the proper locations of the 4 pin pwm header on the motherboard? Or like I said before, Should I just leave it alone? One more thing, I want to add a small 4.5" lcd screen to the inside of the case for a separate hardware monitor or at least just display fan xpert independent from ai suite on this screen. Although I know how to accomplish this, I'm afraid because of the size of ai suite, it wont be too visible shrunk down to that size. I feel if I could just get fan xpert to separate from ai suite it will look nice displayed inside my case. I am an enthusiast and in the past, I wasn't a fan of bells and whistles but now days, everything is bells and time has changed my way of building computers.