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Recommend a LGA2011 CPU for a Rampage iv-E. Spare parts PC

Level 7
I thought I'd try to put together a PC this weekend just for fun, as a kid might put together a lego kit. This is going to be a PC that will be left at our lake cabin and not have any real purpose other than fun. I'm sure I'll load it up with a few games and a HDD full of movies to watch at night but mostly it's going to be a "just for fun" build. Originally I used a 3930k and then handed the hardware down to family. Got it back a few months ago but that chip went and since he's still using it, I'm not going to ask for it back. I likely won't go with a custom loop because the case is an older CM HAF XB(non EVO) and the board already barely fits being E-ATX and gets even worse since I plan on sticking a pair of 780TI Kingpins, though I only have an 860w PSU going in so SLI on those power consuming monsters might not be a great idea if I go with a really high core count Xeon with a nice overclock. Everything planned so far minus CPU is:

Asus Rampage IV-E
16GB Corsair Dominator DDR3 2133 - I might be able to expand this to 32gb. I have 2 16gb Dominator kits, one is 1600 and the other is 2133. I also gave that friend a 16gb Dominator kit but I do not remember if it is a 1600 or 2133 kit but I could swap him to get a full matching 32gb
EVGA 780ti Kingpin x2
256gb Samsung 840 Pro
4TB WD Black
4TB WD in External USB3.0 Enclosure
Corsair 860i
LG Internal Bluray drive x2 (what are these?)
Cooling will be handled by either a 240 or 280 AIO since neither of my Noctuas will clear in that case.

So right now I'm heavily leaning towards the 4930k for ~$110. I should also add that the PC would actually be used for video editing/encoding. I don't know why that slipped my mind above but be it a Bluray rip/encode or encoding video of the weekend fishing/hunting shenanigans, I've always stayed up late on Saturday or gotten up really early Sunday and worked using my laptop so people can take home video on a USB. Previously I had an Asus G751 with the 4720HQ and it was quite slow. While I haven't had the chance to test it, I now have an AW 17R4 with the 7820HK, 32GB Kingston 2400, 2x Samsung 960 Pro NVME but I'm still not expecting blazing speeds due to poor cooling. I do realize I'm getting advice on near decade old hardware but like I said, mainly this is just a build a PC for fun, but if I can make it semi useful, more so than components just sitting in parts tubs I'll take it. Would one of the higher core count Xeons be worth the investment over the 4930k? I know the 3970x edges out the 4930k a bit but it's also ~$150 which puts it close enough to the Xeons to consider those.
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