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Random black screen on ROG STRIX X370-F Gaming (with solution).

Level 7
I had an issue on my ROG STRIX X370-F Gaming with random black screens in Windows (7 x64, but I've fount the same issues reported for B350 mobos and Windows 10). The reason was founded by users of AMD forum:

Short description of that forum thread: multiple readings of CPU thermal sensor by different application cause black screen (no signal from video card) with NO possibility to turn off or reboot machine. Only wall socket reboot.
There are many applications reading thermal sensor, but the main application, that caused this problem, was ASUS Aura in Temperature Synchronized mode (when ASUS Aura is reading CPU thermal sensor and based on it chooses a light color. Turning this mode off solves a problem and even allows you to use multiple monitoring software simultaneously.
By the way, sometimes, before black screen appeared, I had some graphic artifacts on screen: not disappearing traces on moved windows, color stripes etc. Turning off temperature controlled ASUS Aura solved everything of this.

So, I have some questions to ASUS tech. specs:
1. Could you please look up an issue described above to fix it? Maybe it can be solved by some BIOS or AURA modifications.
2. Why there is no AI Suite and Aura on ASUS support site for Windows 7 x64? All of them are present on DVD provided with motherboard.