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Rampage V Extreme no longer posts

Level 7
My computer is now about 7 years old, purchased and assembled by NCIX in 2015, who are now out of business.


  • Intel i7 5960x (LGA2011)
  • ASUS Rampage V Extreme
  • 4x8gb Corsair DDR4 2666mhz
  • Corsair AX1500i Titanium PSU
  • Storage & water cooling

A few weeks ago, I come back to my computer after pausing a show, and find it turned off. I turned it on and it doesn't come back on. It doesn't even post. When the PSU is switched on, LEDs on the motherboard light up, but when you turn on the computer, a red LED lights up on the PSU and seemingly no power is drawn (or too much power, triggering a safety feature of the PSU).

I reached out to Corsair to ask about the red LED and they said the PSU might not be delivering the correct power, so they offered to do an RMA. I received the new PSU and installed it.

I drained the cooling loop and properly short-circuited/jumped the PSU to make it think the motherboard is plugged in and run the pump. When I turned on the PSU during this draining phase, the fan on the PSU would momentarily spin when turning it on, but only momentarily as it would not be hot enough to keep spinning. The corsair PSU fans always spin momentarily when turning on the system, so I know the PSU is working fine.

When I finished draining and refilling the system, I replaced the cord going to the MB with the new one from the RMA, but didn't replace other cables (could this be from one of the cables?), I hit the power button, I got the same red LED light up on the new PSU.

The Q-LEDs on the motherboard do not light up at all, the fan on the PSU does not spin, just the red LED turns on, almost as if a safety feature is preventing power from being sent to the MB because the PSU knows the MB is fried.

Would you agree that the issue is with the MB? If the issue were the CPU or memory or something else then I would expect the Q-LEDs to turn on. I could start taking components out to confirm, I guess I would take everything out and just power up the MB alone and expect it to give the same red LED on the PSU.

So, assuming the issue is indeed the motherboard I would go down that path and unplug everything/rebuild it since ded MB means ded system. I have pretty high-end components, even though they are a bit aged, they still hold up extremely well. Would I have a hard time finding a new motherboard to support the same chipset and memory?

I have a few harddrives in this computer, C:\ which is a RAID-0 setup, and a few other drives not in a raid setup. I want to save the data on these. It should be pretty easy to move the drives to another system and boot it up to recover the data, but I know there will be some complexity with the raid drives, but looks like it is possible.

Looking for some more thoughts/opinions/suggestions from some experts. Thanks in advance

Hi HuntaKiller

Welcome to the ROG forum.

With a new psu and still no q-code led's, I think you are right to suspect the motherboard.

If Corsair RMA'd you the same psu, the old psu cables should be compatible.