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Rampage V Extreme Fresh build will not turn on

Level 7
Howdy all, Just wondering if i can get some advice on a situation that is happening.

Just finished putting together this new system for a friend and went to boot it up to install windows on it.

V Extreme
Dominator 15gb DDR4
EVGA video
Corsiar closed loop water cooler

What's happening is when it is turned on, lights and fans all light up, It posted once, something about CPU fan not there. Which i then re pluged the power from the water cooler unit into the CPU fan power and tired again.

It now power's on, wait's for a few moments and then power's down with nothing appearing on the screen.

Please some advice would be welcome

Level 7
After a bios reset via the back button, i was able to start the windows installation. During which when it want's to reset the PC multiple times it would not auto restart, and has now gone back to doing the same thing, powering on then off

Level 7
Now its giving code 6F saying overclock is incorrect when i haven't touched a single thing on the OC settings

Level 7
I7 5960x
Corsair AX1200i
EVGA GeForce GTX 970
Corsair Dominator Platnum 16gb (4x4)
Rampage V Extreme
Corsair Hydro H105
WD Red 2TB X2

Level 11
are all power connectors on the board plugged in, the 8 & 4 pin..
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Level 15