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Rampage v extreme bd error

Level 7
My pc had been working fine up to today when it suddenly BSODed every time I tried to boot, after clearing cmos and entering my preferred settings it would not boot at all . It displays the error bd on the post indicator.
my system boots with optimized defaults but it goes though at least 4 boot cycles until it boots. each time it fails it sits on bd for a bit. After looking up the issue it seems to be to little cpu agent voltage. I tried to increse it up to 1.07 volts but it use to run find on the auto setting of.0883 volts.
Im not sure whats wrong with my system, anytime i use anything other then then the optimized defaults it wont boot and when it does boot it takes at least 4 minutes.
Im worried my cpu is going bad, I have no idea what to try. Any help would be much appreciated.

My system specs are:
Asus rampage v extreme:
Intel i7 6850k
three gtx 980 sli
32 gb corsair ddr4 2800 mhz ram
samsung 950 pro 500 gb
custom water cooled.

Level 40
Hmmm right you are:(....glad you are up and running again at least...

Level 7
Thanks, it's all good I had an extended warranty from microcenter I only had to pay the 150 dollar difference from my old board


Level 7
Thanks for all the help guys, I had the board covered by a microcneter replacement plan and only had to pay 100 out of pocket for the rampage edition 10.

Level 10
What is 61 error, I had 2 times. Once I couldn't turn off computer even on button.
Only on PSU. But after that she boot normal, weird board. 🙂
Actually board work for now, only sometimes example after installation driver for GPU or uninstall or something after boot not work mouse or keyboard, after restart normal.
But main test will happen now when M.2 arrive and I need to change paste on CPU, restore default, update BIOS installation M.2 and OS, and than moment of truth.

That's great if you paid only 100 extra for Rampage Black. You got real Rampage, my board is not even visible on site.
And ASUS ignore Rampage V Extreme. :(.