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Rampage v Edition 10 PCI E lanes set at 16x/8x with 5930k

Level 7
Hi chaps, hoping someone has some answers for me.

I recently 'upgraded' from a maximus iv and 2600k to a rampage v edition 10 and a 5930k for a good price.

I chose the 5930k as I have two matrix 980ti in sli so wanted 16x/16x.

However both my GPU post in bios and GPU-Z are both saying that the second card in slot 3 is running at 8x.

Anyone know what I can do to enable / force x16 on the 3rd pci-e slot.

Yes the cards are both in the two x16 slots and I am aware there is probably no bottleneck here but I'd like to know my system is running as intended.

Cheers many thanks!

Level 7
No didn't actually I left it at 1.35. I'll try tonight thanks mate. May look at upgrading to 5960 if no luck hehe 😄

Level 7

I'm not sure if I've tried everything but I've spent some time tonight and still no joy. I'm just getting q code 6X and bd with no post.

I've tried up to 1.5v dram 1.5v system agent and 1.25v vccio just to try and get a post.

I've also tried 3t command rate and rampage tweak mode 1.

I even tried one of the factory of profiles for 3200

Unless you can think of something else to try I may have to accept this 5930k is a bit of a dog and can only do 2666 and perhaps consider finding a 5960x.

Thanks for any and all input guys!

Level 40
I hope 1.5v SA is a typo...I wouldn't go much above 1.25 for that 😉

Not much else to be done I think...

Level 7
No I did try 1.5 lol. It obviously isn't that!

Indeed I think I map be out of luck with this CPU - only thing I guess I haven't tried yet is 125 bclk. You never know I guess.

At the end of the day 2666 quad channel is pretty quick I'll see how tight I can get the timings at 1.4v dram.

On a side not one last small question. If I was to get an nvme drive, will I keep x16 x16 on slots 1 and 3? The manual says the m.2 slot is shared with pci_e 4x slot.


Level 40
Yeah, the M2 slot is linked to PCH so you'd stay x16x16

Level 10
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Level 7
Hmm think I'm going to give up on this Imc ever doing more than 2666. With good timings im guessing it won't be much different to 3200cl14?

I tried some cache voltage and 125 bclk last night but still no post. Getting bd errors.

Can bd errors come from too much SA voltage? I know bd is usually related. I'm just wondering if I should start at lower than stock SA and vccio and creep up again?

On second thought I dont want to give up just yet! 🤣�

Can anyone think of anything that may help me get through post? Seems this is the hard bit. I'd love to at least get to the loading screen at rated speeds then I know I've got something to work with!

Thanks all