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RAMPAGE V 10 & RTX 3090 x4 beeps @boot = FAKE!!

Level 7
i think i maybe found some mb/gpu combo bug? maybe...

i just (approximately 2 weeks ago) installed (swapped out) 2080ti for 3090, and during boot once 3090 is used, i get x4 fast beeps during POST. (yes, my case still has a physical speaker/beeper)

my system is good, stable and has no issues - trust me. all i do is swap gpus, and when turning on with new gpu, always x4 fast beeps.
i will write more below, but if you read anything read this; THIS ONLY HAPPENS WITH 3090 AND NOT OTHER GPUS, SO IT IS NOT A GENUINE POST BEEP ERROR!! i can reproduce this fake x4 beep ad nauseam BY simply swapping back TO the 2080ti (11gb) and no beeps at all. further, to be extra sure, i take out 2080 or 3090 gpus and insert the way older and smaller gtx titan (6gb). also NO x4 beeps. so i can boot with titan/2080 over and over, and no x4 beeps ever, except the single speaker boot beep. then, anytime i use 3090, the POST produces x4 beeps. i again swap in older gpus, and lo and behold NO x4 beeps. so it can NOT be a bad item that is only bad when 3090 is used. gpu is brand new evga rtx 3090 ftw3 (fyi, using normal bios, not OC one!!!) and it is not faulty!!! (well, if it turns out it somehow is, i'll be very surprised)

okay, so i check the motherboard manual to see what the beep code is, and the only one that has ANY x4 beeps shows; "one continuous beep followed by four short beeps = hardware component failure". i do not get the continuous beep. i get an initial short x1 beep which, trust me, is the speaker beeping. apart from this error, there is nothing else in the manual with four beeps. in my view, this is not the error i get.

in fact i recorded what happens (both ways) so there is no confusion what the beeps sound like. WATCH/LISTEN;
here is the boot with the 3090 installed and the x4 fast beeps;
here is a boot using, in this case, titan and no beeps. same pc, only gpus different;
(tested using 2080ti too, no beep, did not upload that video!! but can anytime, if need be! above two show system with x4 beeps and without.)

the first thing "we" here should find consensus on, is to establish if the x4 beeps i get are the ones described in the asus manual. i think not, because the initial 1 beep is short, (not continuous!!!) and is the normal, what i refer to as the "speaker" test one/type.

i also googled "four beeps" and got;
1.) Four Beeps indicates "The system clock/timer IC has failed or there is a memory error in the first bank of memory."
2.) Four short beeps means that the motherboard timer is not working properly but it could also mean that there's a problem with the RAM module that's in the lowest (usually marked 0) slot. Usually, a hardware failure with an expansion card or a problem with the motherboard itself could trigger this beep code

the search results seem more acceptable, in terms of the possible beep explanation... BUT it's not the ram, pretty sure. i tested all ram using usb stick booted memtest86 v8.4 and it passed with 0 errors. ( ) yes, a software test is not always 100% right, but memtest86 is really good, eh? also, i get no windows read/write errors or games/software crapping out or anything unstable. yes, i could now start swapping out the ram, ie: keep 16gb with 2 sticks, check, swap other two, etc, and the reason i did not do that part is because the full 5hour memtest86 check passed, AND, again,:THIS ONLY HAPPENS WITH 3090 AND NOT OTHER GPUS!!. how can mb beep error code saying "bad ram" but not if using older gpus? it is illogical. either the mb/bios/etc picks up ram error and beeps until bad ram changed, or beeps are "fake" if only happens with one gpu. (i did also think maybe the 24gb vram of the 3090 is "somehow" forcing POST to check system ram more and because of that it does find some faults in upper range of system ram that it does not check otherwise, but nah....)

so i post this to get other people's opinions. the internet IS artificial God!

i am almost sure i know the answer. why the 3090? what's "sepcial" about it and why the heck the pc only beeps when using the 3090 and not an other gpus? well, i say 24GB vram, that's what. the 3090 has 24gb ram. i am now convinced that the 24gb of gpu ram and the system 32gb may be too much and the bios/whatever freaks out due to some "issue" about that. maybe some total ram address pool the entire "system" uses, which with the 3090 may be "overflowing" and causing the boot/post check to beep thinking ram is bad. one additional tidbit about memory "pools". i only have one other pcie card in system, a sound blaster ae-9 in a small slot, not one of the main (4) pcie slots. it's not like i have several pcie cards. just two; 3090 and sb.

tl;dr i truly think the 24gb of the 3090 (along with 32gb ram and maybe my chipset; x99) may be somehow triggering a false positive bios/post error code.

again, been using the 3090 like this for two weeks with absolutely no issues, and i tested things, benchmarked gpu and runs as it should, ran AAA games including cyberpunk 2077 with no issues, watched YT vids, did all sorts of things. there doesn't seem to be a faulty RAM (or anything else) issue. and one more final time, excuse me, but beeps which "cause concern" only happen with system & 3090 but not system and 2080 which i used most of 2020 with, and before that, same system with 1080ti. this is not a pc issue, but a "somehow" 3090 issue. though i doubt it is a faulty 3090 - it performs exactly as it should in games and benchmarks, and does not even go over 69C at max load. idle temps for gpu are in the high 30's or low 40s.

like i speculate, this may be an issue with x99 "system" and the huge 24gb the 3090 introduces.

main pc specs are;

rampage v 10 edition (bios v2101 - current latest) (intel x99 chipset)
i7-6850k @3.6ghz (not using turbo!! via bios)
32gb ddr4 corsair dominator (x4-8gb)
rtx 3090 (24gb) inserted in pcie slot 1, where it should be!

Level 7
hello?? hello?? hello?? hello??