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Ram voltage exceeds Haswell recommendation

Level 7
So I built my PC back in May of 2015 with intentions of overclocking. I recently put all of my parts into a build list on to show a buddy of mine, and noticed a compatability issue saying that my RAM (1.65v) exceeds Haswell recommendation of 1.575v.

Is this why I havent been able to get a decent overclock on my processor?

I plan on sticking with this build for as long as I can before I upgrade, but I'd like to get a higher (stable) clock speed if possible. Would it be beneficial for me to purchase 1.5v memory with maybe a slightly lower frequency for the time being? Looking at Ripjaws X 2133mhz 1.5v.

i7 4770K
Trident Z 2400mhz 1.65v
Asus Z87 Maximus Hero VI
EVGA 980 ti Classified
Corsair AX 860 PSU
Samsung 840 evo 1tb
WD black 6tb 7200pm
WD black 500gb 7200rpm

Level 13
RAM voltage of 1.65 is most common for DDR3 XMP profiles and is usually needed to get that level of overclocking. I have used several 2400MHz kits with 4770K and 4790K in 24/7 rigs, two of which are still running in daily use. Since yours has also been running with XMP voltage for several years, I'd say that the 1.575v recommendation is quite conservative and may only be needed on particularly weak individual CPUs.

I think 2400MHz is a decent overclock for DDR3, especially for 24/7 use. You could try manually tuning the RAM for higher clock or tighter timing, but I would not recommend any higher RAM voltage. I'm not pressing my luck in these 24/7 rigs and can't recommend it for anyone else.