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Ram Slots Error

Level 8
Hi there 😄 My mainboard's ( rampage 4 black edition) ram slots which red circled aren' working. My rams are intact. When i use this slots A1-B1 or A2-B2 pc isn't start or don't see to rams.Thank you for your helping 😄

Level 40
Hi there

Different possibilities for this..

Often it's a CPU/socket problem...i.e. CPU is not seated well in the socket or bent pins in the socket. Reseat the CPU and have a good look for bent pins and if there are none, then reseat the CPU carefully making sure that whatever cooling solution you are using' you mount it very carefully and with even pressure.

The board might have a it new to you? or you had it a while

It's also possible that the memory controler on the CPU has a problem

Have you done basics like flash latest BIOS or reflah BIOS,,,,change BIOS chip....clear CMOS etc.?

Level 8
Thank you 😄 I try everyhing. Cpu pins are good , cpu well seated... i'm using this mainboard since first release. I don't know how are broken all left side slot. Since i first bought the motherboard I haven't touched anywhere.They were working well but now only work D1-C1-D2-C2. And how do I test the processor for memory controler on the CPU ?