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RAM QVL Question

Level 7

Got me a new ASUS Strix-E gaming mobo and an Intel i7 8700k processor. I need to get RAM for it, but not sure on something here..

The QVL says "G.SKILL F4-4000C18Q-32GTZSW 8GB", but what I actually want to get is G.SKILL F4-4000C19D-32GTZKK 32GB (2X 16G) PC4-32000 DDR4 4000 MHZ.

Does this mean:

1. ASUS hasn't tested it and it may work?
2. ASUS has tested it and doesn't work - so don't use it?
3. Wait for BIOS update to support it and get added to the QVL list?

Reckon I'd be ok buying it and using it, even though it's not on the QVL??

Cheers for the input.

Level 13
I'd opt for a slower kit. Getting speeds over DDR4-3600 fully stable can be hit or miss. Too much variance in the associated parts.

Thanks for your input, appreciate that. But I'd like to get the 4000mhz RAM and try to get it to work, as close to 4000mhz as possible. I wonder if anyone has the same board, CPU and the RAM I mentioned and got it to be stable. I'll be using the Corsair H150i Pro water cooler for the CPU, not sure if that'll help or not.

Level 13

G.Skill has qualified that ram for a single board. The ASUS Z370 APEX. That should be a good indication regarding the success you will have.

Yes, you're right.

So i purchased the 3866Mhz version, which has my board on the QVL. Close enough to 4000mhz.