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RAID & PCIe Drive combo trouble

Level 7
Dear ROG,

I am lovin' my new rig.
Thanks to the threads I have been reading over the past few months I have the system of my dreams:
i7-4960X (not overclocked yet)
Rampage IV Black Edition
16 GB (2X8) Dominator 1866MHz RAM
RevoDrive 3 X2 PCI Express SSD
4 X 1TB 7200 RPM Seagate HDD
NVidia GTX 760 2GB

The trouble I am having is: It seems the RevoDrive is not seen after I setup the 4 drives in a RAID 5 configuration. It seems the system sets the RAID as DRIVE 0 and drops the PCIe drive off the boot device list. Is this a limitation?

I also want to overclock to around 4.2 - 4.6 but run stable and could use some tips there...

Level 10
I don't know anything about the RevoDrives.
But for OCing, we'd need to know your cooling solution first.
Say hi to the next generation.

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Yup, left that out... Corsair H100i all gear mounted in the Corsair 650D

Level 9
One of the @Asus guys may have to respond to this.
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Level 13
During POST is the Revo 3 OROM info still shown after creating the RAID5 array?

the Revo POST no longer appears after the RAID build and a reboot.
If I remove the RAID configuration it reappears.
Option of the Revo is not in the BIOS boot order either... Super odd stuff there.