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Questions from a Newbie About RGB fans

Level 9
Okay I hope I do this right and I hope someone at least gives me some good answers as I can't find them anywhere in the book. I'm getting ready to do my first built at age 67. I just purchase a I9-10850K chip to put into a Z590-e motherboard inside a Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full Tower. I would like to have all my fans have RGB lighting on them. The tower has the following: Top 3 120mm, Bottom 2 120mm, Front 2 120mm (currently it has a 200mm not RGB) and the Rear 1 120mm. In addition to this, I can put 2 120mm on the HHD Cage. The case also came with a 6 port PWM hub, but since I would like to have a total of 8 RGB fans going I'm going to have to replace this PWM hub.

Question: What type of plug do I need for these fans to work? I know the power part of the fan needs the 4 pin, but on the light part is it 3 or 4 pin?

Question: With this many fans in 1 case, Not to mention the CPU fan, should all the fans be set to the same speed, or does the intakes at one speed and the outtakes at another speed?

Thank you for your time in this matter.

Level 12
Hello, I think this MASTERFAN ARGB AND PWM HUB could be useful to you but it accepts a total of 6 fans:
With so many fans you could set the fan socket in the BIOS to silent mode and leave the CPU fan socket in standard mode.

There are also the EK-Cable Y-Splitter:

Thank you for the quick reply. One more last question and I'm hoping you have a Z590-e MB, but how do I connect all this? I noticed on my board I have 3 fan headers, plus the CPU and CPU OPT. I know what goes into the CPU and CPU OPT (very small fan). But where would I plug the rest of the stuff into.


Super Moderator
Use the Chassis fan headers. You can then use QFAN from within the UEFI to control the temp source and fan curve.
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Level 12
the CPU and the CPU OPT are intended to connect the fans of the heatsink of the processor, if your heatsink has 2 fans, you plug 1 in CPU and the second in CPU OPT (optional). If the CPU heatsink has 3 or more fans you can hook it up with one or two Y cables with 2 or 3 connections each.
The other chassis fans will be connected to the chassis fan connections. If you have 3 Chassis fan connections, you can connect the case fans with Y cables with 2 or 3 connections each by assembling the fans on the same Y cable according to the case area.

I'm kinda of lost in the dark about this problem. Got a new case which came with two fans. Me no thinking these fans are 4 pin fans. Last night as I was putting the case together with all the goodie, I noticed that the fan hub was 3 pin. Is this a problem if I connect the 3 pin hub to a 4 pin fan header? Will Qfan still be able to do it thing with the fan?