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Question: can u mess up the BIOS doing it's thing on 1st power on?

Level 7
Hello finale question before i hit the RMA nail on mobo

Question: can u freeze the BIOS process when u 1st power your build on i didn't see the BIOS flash and shut my build down via the PSU 3 times then power button 1 to now get only light showing power and Aura glow?

Hope i get a reply, thanks

Level 13
Shouldnt be an issue so long as you didnt interput the BIOS mid flash.

What board and what Q codes are you getting.

It would be best if you posted this in the section for your MOBO and list all your components.

If your board supports it I would try the BIOS flashback function. Easy to do but need to know what board first.

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