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Question about ROG THOR 2 power supply and risk

Level 8
Hello all,

I am currently using a ROG THOR 1200W power supply with my RTX 4090 ROG STRIX.
Like many, I use the cable that comes with the GPU.

My questions :

- Is there a risk with the old power supply for the distribution of the current??

- Do ROG THOR 2 power supplies have the ATX 3.0 standard?
because they don't have a native PCIE 5.0 socket (unlike others) because some didn't even have a PCIE 5.0 cable at the start...

Now this is provided but the power supply is the same...

Now the original cable given with the GPU scares me because it looks sensitive and looks cheap and some have melted! (Badly installed? Twisted?)

I'm waiting for a cable from cablemod and their 90 degree adapter.

Level 12
I don't have this card but according to the test tutorials you have to be careful not to bend the Adapter Cable too much. But you are right to expect the 90° adapter from cablemod. The 1200 w power supply with 4 pcie 8 pins should be good I think

Level 13
You dont need to actually folloerd the so called ATX 3.0. ROG Thor 2 are qualified enough to run the 4090 as long you used the adapter that came along with the 4090 purchased. As mention by cekeu, as long you do not bent the adapter and your casing side panel do not cause any add on pressure against the card. yo are safe. And most important that does not violate the Asus Warranty .