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Question about Asus ROG Phone

Level 7
There seems to be no category for ROG phones so I hope I chose a suitable one

I would very much like to buy one, I think they look cool, and lately my focus on hardware have shifted a lot towards Asus ROG.

But, I would hardly play on it. Not running any game that can be played one phone so thats a very likely downside to having a ROG Phone. So what reason remains that would make me buy one? Well, I like it, and as stated, I buy more and more ROG stuff. But how is the ROG phone as a smartphone?

Forget the gaming part, and tell me how it would compare to my obvious alternate choice, Samsung Galaxy S10, coming out soon.

This is a comparison (from what is known) at GSMArena:

Prices seem comparable, GPU seems better on the S10, ROG has a little more RAM , I am no expert, but given available info it would seem the ROG phone could use an upgrade to be better... or do I miss something?

Level 7
Yeah, well, seems good as a game phone, I just figure the reviews are written based on that, rather on it's usage as a regular phone.