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QCode 8 (not 08)

Level 7
Hi guys, i have a problem since i build my pc.
When i'm in game many times after 10 minutes and other time after 1 hour the pc crashes and it appear QCode 8 and yellow dram flashing. I'm very out of head with this problem...

Asus Crosshair Hero 7 Wi-Fi (Updated bios)
AMD Ryzen 7 2700x
Sapphire Radeon RX480 Nitro OC 8GB
Corsair H115i Platinum RGB
32GB Kingston Hyperx 3000 MHZ (also setted at 3000 on bios)
WD Black 1tb
Kingston A2000 500gb
ThermalTake Grand RGB 850W

Level 7
i know it doesnt help but i have the same issues. right now it is just luck hoping it doesnt crash randomly for me. I havent found any help yet.


I believe code 8 means the CPU is not working properly. It doesn't necessarily mean your CPU is faulty, maybe the motherboard has an issue.

First thing I would recommend doing is updating your BIOS, see if that fixes things.