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Q-Codes on 650E-E

Level 7

Hello all,

I recently build my first PC, and use the 650E-E motherboard, with an 7500X3d, GTX 4070, 980Pro SSD 1TB and 2x16Gb DDR5 6000MHz.

The PC is alive (Im using it right now xD) but when it starts the Q-Code have some codes and it take some time to boot: 15, 23,00,c9,15,1a,2c,2d,42,a0,42,43,92,9798,b4,9c,b4,99,a0,42,a0, 40... It's my first ROG motherboard is that normal ? How can I fix it ?


Thanks :))


Level 9

You can't have a 7500X3D, like Asus can't have a BIOS for 7000X6D, only 7800-900-950 and X3D exist... i have same pieces as you, RAM's Fury Renegade 6000-32, 4070 is TI.

Refer to manual for Q-codes listed (image attached).

If you enabled DOCP/EXPO/XMP, the motherboard will train the memory and output corresponding Q-codes. I think that's all.

All or Nothing

Level 14

Cycling through Q-Codes is normal behaviour during POST.  They just tell you which test is running or which subsystem is being initialised.  Generally, they don't tell you anything useful unless the system fails to POST, when the final code usually tells you which part of the POST had a problem.  When the BIOS hands control to the OS, they change to a CPU temperature display.

DDR5 systems can be a bit slow to train memory, compared to DDR4, which can be the cause of a relatively long POST.  Slow boot can be either something happening during POST or something happening during the OS boot sequence; once the logo screen appears with the spinner below it, you are into the OS boot sequence.

Level 7

Thanks, for the replies. 

In that case, I will live with this long time to boot... Thanks again !


Kind regards,