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Q-Code 15

Level 7

Q-Code 15 listed on the LED of the system board is Pre-memory System Agent initialization is started. The system board is checking the newly installed memory before it posts. Once the Pre-memory System Agent initialization is started checks has completed, the computer should post will boot up,

Asus Q-code 15 signifies the stage in the boot process where the motherboard's Pre-memory System Agent initialization is started. This is a normal part of the Power-On Self Test (POST) where the system checks its functionality before booting the operating system.

Here's a deeper look at Q-code 15:

Pre-memory: This indicates the stage before the system even interacts with the RAM.
System Agent: This is a component within the motherboard chipset responsible for facilitating communication between the CPU, memory, and other crucial parts.
Initialization: The system agent is undergoing its initial setup, preparing for its role in system operation.
What to check if you encounter issues:

Stuck at Q-code 15: If your computer gets stuck on this code and doesn't progress, or restarts repeatedly displaying it, it might indicate a hardware problem.
Potential Causes: Faulty RAM, motherboard malfunctions, or recent hardware changes (improperly seated components or incompatibility) could be culprits.
Troubleshooting Tips:

RAM Check: Reseat the RAM sticks or try them individually. If possible, test with different RAM modules to isolate any RAM issues.
Motherboard Manual: Refer to your Asus motherboard manual for a comprehensive explanation of Q-codes. This can pinpoint the specific problem based on the code sequence.
Asus Support: If troubleshooting fails, reach out to Asus support for further assistance.