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push and pull fans for a corsair h50

Level 7
hi all ..
i am wondering if anyone would like to share and give some advice i llive in the united kingdom and i am looking at upgrading the corsair h50 fans ...
i have been looking at the akasa fn059 viper fans.. from i am wondering if anyone can reccomend them or if anyone would like to reccomend another pair of fans . also i am looking at swapping the haf 922 fans to 140mm fans or are the coolermaster standard that come with this case the best to stick with ..

as a added note i have a zalman fan control in the system .. but would like maxinum airflow but also silent ...
at the present moment i have Scythe Kaze Jyuni 1200RPM Slipstream 120mm Fan as extraction on the top of this case.. so would also like to replace them ...

thanks in advance

Not applicable

I always swap the cors. stocks to the Baldemasters... Have it on H60/H100

Works great on Radiator....